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Transform Your Garage With These Simple Solutions

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Garage shelving cabinets in Charotte

Garage shelving cabinets in CharotteIf you want more out of your garage than just a place to store the lawn mower and park the car, you may be the perfect candidate for a garage makeover. Custom garage cabinets and storage from a local, reputable company like Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte will help you create an amazing space for your car, extra storage boxes, holiday decorations, and more.

A professionally installed garage organization system can be customized to meet your needs and the décor of your Charlotte home. Everyone in the family will be able to easily access and store their stuff. Here are some simple solutions that can transform your garage.

Simple Garage Solutions for Your Charlotte Home

  • Divide and Conquer – To organize your garage into livable, usable spaces, you should first divide it into areas designated for a specific task or activity. Areas may include a space for your vehicle, a designated workplace for projects and hobbies, a kid’s play area, and even an area for relaxing and watching the Carolina Panthers or Charlotte Hornets game.
  • Get Creative with Storage – Once the garage is divided into distinct areas, custom storage solutions can help hide and organize tools and supplies. A professional home storage solution company such as Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte can help design a customized garage storage organization system for your home. Whether you are looking for a modern utilitarian design or something more classic, we can help you create it. Some storage options include workbenches, slat wall tool storage, sports storage racks, hanging garage wall cabinets, pegboard tool storage, and more.
  • Don’t Forget the Floor – A simple yet effective way for a great garage transformation is to paint the floor. It will give a great impression and make everything seem brand new! Not only does it look great when you paint your garage floor, but painted floors provide extra protection for your home against mold, mildew, and automobile fluids. In addition, painted garage floors are also easier to clean and water-resistant, making this a great choice for your garage.

If you’re looking to maximize your garage and organize it so that you and your family can actually find the things you need and enjoy the space, contact Closet & Storage Concepts! Our team is ready to help with design ideas and the installation of the perfect garage system for your home.

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