If you have a hard time finding the shoes you’re looking for amongst a plethora of shoe boxes, or if you can’t even remember what you own, then a custom closet with a shoe display system will greatly improve your Charlotte home. Whether you settle on a bookshelf, a cubby, or a set of drawers, these three ways to arrange your shoes will help you to become better organized and be prepared for whatever events life throws your way.

custom shoe storage closetBookshelf

A classic look for boutique-style closets, a bookshelf is a beautiful way to display your shoes. These shelves can be customized to be tilted or flat depending on the available space in your closet. You can also choose to have glass doors installed to help keep dust off of your shoes while still allowing you to view them all. Another way to customize your shoe shelving is to have hooks attached to a tall bottom shelf. You can utilize this space to hang boots, which will help them to maintain their shape and avoid becoming wrinkled.


Having individual cubbies installed is a great way to separate your shoes and keep them from rubbing up against one another. Having patent pumps next to each other, or beaded flats next to satin heels can result in the development of unseemly scuff marks, torn off beading, and ripped fabric. Cubbies will keep shoes in their own compartments, protect them from accidental damage, and make it extremely easy to stay organized.

custom closet design Charlotte


Another way to organize your shoes is to utilize open-ended drawers or pullout trays. Keeping them open-ended will allow you to still see your shoe collection while the sliding drawer will help to keep dust from accumulating. These can also be adjusted to different heights to accommodate taller heels and small flats alike.

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