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Closet Makeover After Your Makeover

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custom closet storage Charlotte

custom closet storage CharlotteThe New Year’s resolution that you made this year to get into shape has certainly paid off! It’s a great feeling when you see the positive results of all your hard work. Use the following tips to give your Charlotte closet a makeover in celebration of your accomplishments! 

Say Goodbye to Clothes

Celebrate your discipline and hard work by saying goodbye to clothes that no longer fit and flatter your new body. Doing this gives you a clean slate in your closet as well as your psyche. You deserve to feel great (no matter your size) and doing a purge is a great way to say goodbye to the old you. Also, consider donating or tossing out clothes that no longer fit your personality. 

Have a Buddy

As you try on clothes and cull your wardrobe, it can be very helpful to have a support system with you. Clothes, belongings, and appearance can all trigger emotional responses. Having someone who has your back to encourage you and give you honest feedback can be helpful when deciding what goes and stays. In general, we know that decluttering your wardrobe can be mind-numbing, so having someone to help you can make the experience more enjoyable. When it comes to organizing your space, working with a closet designer can help you navigate different colors, hardware, finishes, and more.

Add Personality


Your closet should be a reflection of your personality and help you feel your best. Give your closet a makeover by adding new hanging storage for new dresses, suits, blouses, and separates. Bins and baskets are great for foldable items like knits, t-shirts, jeans, and workout gear. If you have wire shelving, upgrade your closet by using high-quality melamine or solid wood. This will give your closet a more luxurious feel and it can be customized to your lifestyle and design tastes.

Store new clothing so it stays nice and neat. Consult with the professionals at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte to create a customized closet storage solution that keeps your clothes and accessories organized. Doing so will make it easier to find the perfect outfit each morning. And the confidence you feel each morning after getting ready will be sure to permeate the rest of your life.