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At Closet & Storage Concepts, we are so named because we love conceptualizing space solutions! Closets are perfect for storage, but here’s one possibility you may not have thought of: a reading nook! If you love the cozy embrace of a closet area, we have a few tips for creating a nook where you can curl up with a good book. This is a solution for minds crowded with the tumult of busy days, looking for that private enclosure in which to nestle and unwind while their ears are graced by the quiet flipping of pages.

Potential Nooks

Many homes are already laid out with any number of closets or nooks ripe for transformation! In particular, anything that is on the larger side, with room enough to stretch while lounging, is an excellent choice for a reading nook. Of course, unless you are relocating to a new home, your closets are probably all in use! There are a number of strategies for sorting through your storage closets and organizing with greater efficiency, relocating your possessions or removing them from the home as needed.

Where to Begin?

Depending on your preference you may enjoy a reading nook with a window, or something less expansive and more subdued. Window nooks are often built with elevated surfaces on which to sit, but closets may be a bit trickier. The installation of a level seating shelf can produce both an object on which to lounge while reading, and a storage space beneath for your book collection.

Creating the Ambience

Once you have somewhere to sit, you are ready to furnish with cushions! A nice flat one for seating will keep you comfortable, and the cozy factor can be enhanced with the inclusion of some throw pillows.

Charlotte closet reading nookA light to read by will be essential, so if you’re transforming your closet space into a reading nook, a hanging paper lamp can lend your new enclosure a soft glow that both illuminates the page and generates a calming aura perfect for comfy reading time. To complete the aesthetic, consider one or two little bookshelves along the nook wall both for more storage and a literary atmosphere – your own miniature lounging library!

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