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6 Innovative Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

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Standalone custom pantry storage buffet Charlotte

If your current pantry is space-challenged, outdated, or nonexistent, it can feel like it’s impossible to be efficient when you’re cooking or baking. Effective custom kitchen storage and organization can make all the difference.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to make the most of any situation to optimize your kitchen. Consider these six pantry storage ideas.

Standalone custom pantry storage buffet Charlotte

1. Focus On Vertical Storage

Floor to ceiling storage solutions can make the most of even the smallest of pantries. Open shelving and cabinetry are both great options, and including adjustable shelving helps ensure flexibility as your storage needs and culinary tastes change.

2. Standalone Pantry Storage Unit

If you don’t have a kitchen pantry at all or you’re in dire need of more space, adding a unit with cabinets and plenty of shelving can be an effective solution. You might even consider a pantry unit with wheels or casters on the bottom so that it can be easily relocated as needed.
3. Convert a Nearby Closet

If you need a separate pantry, consider remodeling a nearby closet to fit your needs. Look for underused hallway linen, supply, or coat closets. Ensure there will be enough space for you to reach in, and then design shelving and cabinetry around the space to make it functional.

Organized kitchen with custom pantry storage

4. Slide-Out Drawers and Shelves

Specialized shelving and slide-out drawers can offer innovative storage that keeps items tucked away when you don’t need them. This type of storage is ideal for canned goods and small boxed items. Slide-out units can be incorporated inside cabinets for a seamless look.

5. Door Storage

The back of your pantry door offers an opportunity for additional storage as well. This might take the form of small shelves for miscellaneous items, or a soft over-the-door organizer for odd-shaped items like produce, bread, specialty spices, paper towels or rolls of plastic wrap.

6. Convert Your Island

If your kitchen has an island but it isn’t being used to its full potential, consider making it as pantry-like as possible. Add more drawers and/or shelving and make use of existing drawers by adding dividers that maximize use of these areas. Organize stored items in a way that makes sense with frequently-used items within easy reach.

If you are low on creativity but have high hopes for what’s possible for your kitchen pantry, contact an experienced storage and kitchen organization professional for assistance. Closet & Storage Concepts here in Charlotte can assist you in making the most of your existing kitchen storage. Give us a call or stop by our showroom to learn more!

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