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5 Closet Problems – Solved!

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Finding someone who has their ideal closet is rare. Most closets are frustratingly small, or there are simply not enough to accommodate a family’s needs. In most homes, closets were added as an afterthought. Despite this challenge, it is possible to improve your closet storage! custom closet shelves Charlotte

Closet Answers from Expert Organizers

Below are five common closet scenarios and solutions from our Charlotte closet designers

  1. Too Many Shoes: Shoes are purpose-specific, so you may have shoes for the office, single-sport shoes for running, tennis, or golfing, special occasion shoes, or even “collectible” shoes. If you recognize this issue in your home, you can overcome it with clever shoe storage ideas like:
  • Specially designed shoe cubbies and shelves,
  • Over-the-door shoe pockets,
  • Under-bed bins for out-of-season or rarely used shoes,
  • Parting with shoes that you don’t love or that don’t fit properly via donations, garage sales, or eBay.
  1. Can’t see all my jackets: This can be true for any category of clothing, but jackets are a key culprit since they tend to be scattered across your home. Create a section just for your jackets to prevent buying multiples because you can’t recall what you already own.
  2. Clothes come out of the closet wrinkled: With a little ingenuity, patience, and good habits (like hanging/folding promptly after laundering or after use) you can avoid ironing and wrinkled clothes! Try to:
  • Invest in proper hangers. Use thicker wooden or padded hangers for jackets and heavier items even though they take up more space.
  • Fold sweaters and soft clothing items loosely. They look better coming off a shelf than a hanger, where they can become stretched out or leave marks along the shoulders.
  • Stack t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, and cotton twill slacks on shelves, rather than stuffing into dresser drawers. 
  1. I can’t see my clothes: Is your closet lighting lacking or blocked by stored clothing? 
  • Add in or under-cabinet lighting. These typically long-lasting LED lights are built right into your closets for added visibility. Place in strategic locations like at the top of shelves or cabinets.
  • Update existing lights with brighter bulbs. LED bulbs come in different hues and brightness and can help you cut down on energy costs.
  1. Help! I hate my closets: The universal fix for all closet nightmares is to hire an expert closet organizer to complete all the above tasks, and to redesign your closet space. Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte creates well-organized, dream closets. We use our experience, combined with thoughtful storage techniques to help you get organized. Our custom storage solutions can perfectly match your needs.

At Closet & Storage Concepts, we solve all closet storage problems with unique, custom solutions – like those above and much more. Contact us or stop by our showroom today!