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Top 5 Summer Wardrobe Essentials (And How to Store Them)

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Flatlay of summer wardrobe essentials

Flatlay of summer wardrobe essentialsSummer is just around the corner! Prepare your wardrobe with our top five wardrobe staples are for our Charlotte customers. We’ll also cover the best ways to store these items in your closet. Keep on reading for more.


Let’s start off on top, with hats. From staple baseball caps to sweet straw hats, these clothing items help add pizzaz and personality to any outfit while protecting you from harmful sun rays. Protect your hats by making sure they avoid getting crumpled. Simple hooks could suffice, or keep them in sturdy storage boxes up high on your closet shelves. We like transparent boxes so you can see them and keep them dust free when they are out-of-season. Be sure to avoid overstuffing boxes with too many hats as that can distort their shape.  


Another staple during the summer (and really anytime it’s sunny) are sunglasses. With endless materials, shapes, and lens options, you’ll be sure to find something that flatters your face shape and suits your personality. Protect them by using hard case storage when traveling around town. When it comes to storing them at home, use divided drawers and shallow pull out drawers so each pair has its own home. Consider wrapping them in soft microfiber cloths to prevent scratching.

Swim Suits and Coverups

Summers in Charlotte are a popular time to head to the lake or to the coast. This calls for beach attire! Keep swimsuits and coverups in pullout drawers. We like this method rather than hanging since garments can stretch out if hung. Avoid metal baskets as they can catch on swimsuit straps or coverups.

Denim Skirts

Denim skirts are making a come back this year, although some of you may argue that they never left. When it comes to storing skirts, pants, and other separates, we recommend hanging areas. Double or triple hang areas are super efficient at maximizing any vertical space that you have. Be sure to use appropriate hangers to make to make it easy to hang skirts. We recommend hangers with gentle yet strong clips to hold on to skirts without leaving any marks along the waistband.


Ideal for the beach or gallivanting about town, sandals are a summer wardrobe staple. To store them, you have a couple of different options. The first is standard shelving. We recommend shorter heights between shelves to maximize space. You could also do shoe cubbies. Cubbies are great for sneakers and sandals since there’s a dedicated cubby for each pair. Make sure you work with an expert closet designer to take measurements and maximize your space. Arrange shoes by trying one of these methods!

We hope you’re ready for summer weather and summer outfits! Start getting your closet in order with Closet & Storage Concepts. We are your local experts in Charlotte and the greater metro area. Stop by our showroom or give us a call to get a free in-home estimate. 

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