Right before moving into your new home, you may go on a decluttering spree. You will host yard sales, give items to charities, or junk damaged things. However, no matter how much organizational planning you do before a move, it is often difficult to predict how much storage you need until after you settle in.

slide out pantry spice rack

Smart hidden storage throughout your new home is a great way to create more storage space. A reliable and dedicated home organization company such as Closet & Storage Concepts can provide customized storage ideas that fit into the architectural and interior design style of your home. Here are several hidden storage ideas you may want to place inside your home.

Slide-Out Pantry Rack

Normally, most people will have a separate custom pantry in their kitchen to store canned goods and other items. Yet the space between the wall and refrigerator is just gathering dust. Placing a slide-out pantry rack that holds your spices and other small items is a great way to add more storage in the kitchen space. Just make sure that the refrigerator doors can still swing out unhindered.

Stair Storage

Entertainment rooms can become cluttered with Blu-ray cases, video game controllers, books, knickknacks, and other items. Having a built-in entertainment center and wall unit will allow you to access the most used items such as music, video games, movies and your television. For items that get less use, such as lounging slippers, extra throw pillows, and sofa blankets, you can place these items into hidden storage compartments along your stairs.

Hidden compartments can be placed in the space under your stairs or in the steps themselves. They can hold extra shoes, sofa coverings, or even a small safe.

Bed Storage

Bedrooms can get cluttered with large furniture pieces such as dressers, closets, armoires, side tables, and desks. Installing a Murphy bed can free up some floor space. To find extra storage, consider the walls surrounding your bed. Cabinets can be built around it for additional storage. Under-bed storage is perfect for seasonal items that you rotate. And some wall bed models have a unique bookcase door that hides the bed. 

bookcase murphy bed Charlotte

Get Started

When you are looking for more room in your home to increase your storage options, consider adding hidden storage in a range of different places. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts to see how we can help you make the most of your home! We are your local Charlotte experts for custom closets and built-in home storage solutions.

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