custom office in small closet Charlotte, NCTo make the most of your space, sometimes you have to do something unconventional! One example is building an office in a reach-in closet. This can work well if you have an extra closet in your home but are lacking an office. Below, we have tips and ideas to make this unique idea work for you. 

Small Space, Smart Solutions

When you’re creating a small office, you need smart solutions.

In this Charlotte office project, we installed multiple shelves and cubbies in varying heights and sizes. The smaller cubbies towards the bottom keep smaller office supplies and crafts. Larger shelves have larger containers filled with more supplies and miscellaneous items. We love that our clients labeled all of the containers to keep things organized and easy to find.

Here, a desk provides just enough space for a small printer, their laptop, and some pens. A small foldable chair easily stows underneath the desk. Take advantage of the space you have by making any shelves, cabinets, or worktop as wide and deep as possible.

Colors & Materials

White is the most frequently used in these types of projects, but you can choose any color and finish to match your decor. Natural wood grain finishes can work extremely well. Be sure to use strong, durable materials to ensure that everything looks good and works well for your home for years to come.

Make it Work for You

It’s important to make your office work with and for you! If you require more drawers for office supplies or crafting materials, consider a small set of drawers underneath your desk. Alternatively, on the wall of your closet, you could install a pegboard or a slatted wall system. This gives you flexibility for everything from scissors to stamp pads.

Don’t forget about lighting! If your closet is lacking lighting, consider adding in-cabinet lighting as an additional lighting source. This a seamless way to get light without it taking up a lot of space.

To explore ideas and see if a customized office in your closet is right for you, stop by our showroom here in Charlotte to see how specific shelves and cabinets could work. Our designers can’t wait to work with you!

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