When it comes to building a walk-in closet, the best design is the one that works with your lifestyle and wardrobe. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we are dedicated to finding the custom layout and features that allow you to maximize and enjoy your space. Take a look at a few of the customizable pieces of a fully functional walk in closet for you to take advantage of.

Custom Walk In Closet CharlotteAdjustable Shelving

If you are like most people, your wardrobe needs change from one season to the next, so why wouldn’t your closet? With adjustable shelving, you have the ability to tailor your storage to the season. Need a little extra room for your boots or a coat? No problem. The ability to alter your storage dynamic as you want to allows the closet to stay relevant throughout the year.

Shoe Racks

The concept of shoe racks is nothing new, but these are not your grandmother’s racks. If you have a bit of a shoe collection, you deserve a great spot to organize them and maybe even show them off. The latest shoe racks range from something simple that takes up only a bit of room, to options that make your closet feel like a boutique.

Dual Closet Rods

Do you feel like your hanging rod just is not long enough? Do you lament the wasted space underneath? Dual wardrobe rods could be the ideal answer. This simple addition to your custom walk-in closet doubles your hanging space in an instant. You can specify the placement to fit your clothing, so that nothing drags on the floor.

Accessory Drawer

Finding space for the little things can be the most frustrating for the budding closet connoisseur. Whether you are trying to keep your delicate scarves organized, or you want to put all your jewelry in one place, you can achieve your goals. Custom drawers can be built to virtually any depth you specify, even just an inch or two. Liners allow you to separate each piece, to keep them clean and in good condition.

Laundry Station

Just as a custom closet can help you organize your clean clothes, it can help you keep dirty clothes separate. Streamline your laundry day with pullout baskets for your dirty clothes so you can separate your items and never confuse dirty for clean again! Other features we can include are ironing boards or shelves for spot-cleaning products and mending supplies.  

Custom closet components are only functional if they work for you. With these options, you could stay more organized and make your whole day run more smoothly. Contact the expert team here at Closet & Storage Concepts to learn more about your options. We proudly serve the greater Charlotte area and can build a custom closet that perfectly fits your space and lifestyle. Call us today!