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Closets to Match Interior Design Trends

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Your closet is often a second-thought when it comes to shaping the interior decor of your home. With our custom closet solutions, though, you don’t have to settle on a generic closet. Customize every aspect of your closet to perfectly suit your needs and your home! To kickstart your creativity, Closet & Storage Concepts has compiled some major design trends and closets to match!

custom closets in charlotte


A minimalist aesthetic centers around simplicity and a lack of clutter. The perfect closet to match? We recommend an understated closet with a blank sliding door and simple shelving. Customize shelving for your exact needs to save space and declutter. White, black, and gray are ideal colors to match a minimalist interior.


For a warm, rustic vibe, we recommend closets created from dark and distressed wood. Classic wood doors with subtle elements of distress or hand-crafting will bring a welcoming and trendy vibe to your home. An open-shelf closet will also work well, bringing a casual simplicity to your closet organization.

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Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern combines both warm, casual accents with a modern touch. A closet in shades of white and warm wood will look stunning. Consider closet doors with slats for a classic approach. For a walk-in closet, combine elements of light brown with white. Utilize clean lines with subtle design additions.


A bohemian look is laid-back, eclectic, and colorful. For the perfect bohemian closet, consider going sans-doors completely. An open closet with drawers underneath and a simple hanger rod above will look casual and stunning. For a larger walk-in closet, you can use sheer curtains or drapes to separate your closet from the rest of your home. We recommend using materials such as mid-toned wood and wrought iron.

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