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4 Ways to Redesign Your Reach-in Closet

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Reach-in closets are an often underrated feature of the home. Sure, their walk-in counterpart may seem a lot more alluring, but if you approach your reach-in closet the right way, you will grow to love your closet. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we understand that with limited space, it’s important to take advantage of every inch. Here are the best ways you can put your reach-in closet to work for you. 

Reach In Closet DesignMaximize Your Vertical Storage Space

A standard reach-in closet is usually only equipped with a rod for hanging clothes and a tall shelf for storage. While it may seem like you have limited space and can’t change the layout, we have some efficient solutions to storage that will transform the way you use your reach-in. If you remove the top shelf of the closet, we can install two rods to double your hanging space. With a convenient pull-down mechanism, you can use all your vertical space and keep everything within reach. Since you’ll likely still need folding or storage space, we’ll keep the rods to one side of the closet and use the other side for drawers, cubbies, or shoe racks – whatever you may need! 

Utilize Your Floor Space

Most people don’t know how to utilize floor space of a closet. It’s a general free-for-all that ends up turning into a pile of disorganized shoes. Not only can this ruin the quality of your items, but it can add unnecessary stress to your life when you can’t find the shoes you’re looking for. With a short shelving unit, you can keep everything tidy, clean, and easily accessible.

Custom closet organization CharlotteUse Every Inch! 

When it comes to reach-in closets, you have to take advantage of every inch, including the door! Use accessory organizers and hooks to keep jewelry, belts, scarves, or your staple coat within reach at all times. With our custom designs, we’ll make sure each corner is used to it’s fullest potential so things aren’t lost in a closet cavern ever again. 

Add the Bells and Whistles

Working in tandem with shelving and storage from Closet & Storage Concepts, there are certain closet additions that really help you keep the space neat. Use baskets on the floor or in open cubbies for larger items, integrate jewelry trays into your drawer space, or install a valet pole so you can plan outfits better and make getting ready in the morning even easier. We have a wide variety of customizable touches that will really make your reach-in feel larger and neater. 

As long as you approach your reach-in closet with some creativity and an open mind, you will discover that the seemingly small space can hold quite a bit more than you thought—and it can do it in a very organized, easy-to-access way. Get started today with the experts here on our team and schedule a free in-home design consultation. We proudly serve the greater Charlotte area and look forward to hearing from you! 


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