Virtually any room in your home can be a productive office if you take the time to plan it out. It’s popular these days to use a spare room as the home office. This allows for more privacy and quiet time as you telecommute. However, when creating that perfect office space, first think about what you need from an office and how you can create that in the room you’ve chosen. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, we custom design home offices for the modern professional with your needs in mind. Take a look at what we can offer. 

Custom home office CharlotteAmple Desk Space

Any office has to have enough desk space for the user. If you’ve thought that perhaps you could re-purpose other tables or surfaces to use as a desk, think again. A home office should fit seamlessly into the way you work so that you aren’t distracted by trying to make mismatched items work. Decide what you need on your desk to be comfortable and productive, and then measure out how large that desk should be to accommodate what you do. Remember to leave room for a chair that can easily navigate in the work space. You will also need several drawers; these can be a part of the desk, or you can add extra drawers with a compact filing cabinet if needed. 

Multifunctional Additions 

Hands down, the best way to create work space without losing other usability in the room is to have custom furniture made for the room. This allows the space to be appropriately filled without oversizing any piece that would make the office awkward to use. One popular furniture addition we often install is a Murphy bed. If your home office in the guest room, a combination Murphy bed will make it so you don’t have to sacrifice valuable space you could use as a guest room. Get the desk you need for work and the bed you need for visitors all in one. 

Custom Home office with murphy bed Charlotte

Appropriate Lighting 

A home office needs very different lighting than a bedroom or media room. When you are creating an office, remember your lighting needs and evaluate how bright the room is. You may need a more powerful overhead light fixture, a desk lamp, and a floor lamp. All of these can provide the exact lighting you need as you’re doing different tasks and adjust the mood when necessary. 

Convenient Shelving 

Keeping everything you need on your desk may seem handy, but it can quickly lead to clutter and lost items. Shelving is a must in any office. If you don’t have a closet in the room where shelves can be installed, consider a few wall shelves placed near the desk. This makes those items convenient to grab whenever they are needed without them impeding your workspace. We build sleek and spacious cabinetry to complement your desk. 

With everything you need in place, a home office can function just as well, or perhaps even better, than any office space in the workplace. Get started on your own custom desk with the team here at Closet & Storage Concepts and prioritize your productivity. Call us today!



Photo credit: © KatarzynaBialasiewicz