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4 Signs You Need a Walk-In Closet

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Custom Walk In Closet Designers Charlotte

Wondering how your life might be different with a walk-in closet? It’s an investment, but there’s a reason so many people are glad they put in the effort. At Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, we can customize the perfect closet for your room that perfectly complements your lifestyle and your personal taste. Here are a few signs that you might be ready to make the switch from reach-in to walk-in. 

Custom Walk In Closet Designers Charlotte 1. You Can’t Put Away All Your Clothes

Is your closet organization dependent on the amount of dirty clothes in your hamper? Do you dread laundry day because you don’t know where you will put everything? Trimming down the clothes, shoes and accessories you don’t wear is one way to help, but it does not always work. If you find yourself leaving clean clothes in hampers because you can’t find a centimeter more space on the hanging rod, a walk-in could completely change your routine.

2. You’re Sharing a Reach-In

Many adults with a professional and casual wardrobe struggle to make it all fit in a small space. Add another adult to the equation, and it can become impossible. If you are stuck trying to stuff a couple’s clothing into one small reach-in, it simply may not be enough. A walk-in closet could be the perfect solution to dividing up each person’s space and allowing enough room for all your items. Talk to us about functional and customizable features for you to maximize your space and share the closet in a way that is fair to both partners. 

Custom Closets Charlotte3. You Can Never Find What You Need

Having enough space is one thing. Using a closet with the right kind of organization is another. Even if your closet isn’t overcrowded, there are signs that you could do with a way to spread things out. Smaller closets tend to offer fewer options and opportunities to showcase your clothes. For example, if you have an extensive shoe collection that you wear all the time, you’ll have a harder time making all the pairs accessible in a reach-in. A walk-in can have all the hanging, shelf, and drawer space you need. Just let us know what items you prioritize and let us take care of the rest. 

4. You Need More Function From Your Closet

Although closets are mostly for storage, you might want a bit more. Perhaps you’d like a full-length mirror to check your ensembles before you walk out the door. If you lack a spacious laundry room, maybe a pull-down ironing or folding station can help you in the morning. And maybe all you really want is a comfortable bench or chair to sit on while you put on your shoes. A custom closet can accommodate these kinds of features so that your space will meet all of your expectations depending on your own unique lifestyle. 

If just looking at your closet makes you feel stressed, there may be another way. With these signs, you’ll know that your life would be so much easier with a walk-in. Contact the expert team here at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte to learn more about the custom closets we create for local homeowners. Give us a call and schedule your free in-home design consultation. 


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