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Transitioning Your Closet from Summer to Fall

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The temperature outside is changing and it’s coming time to put away your summer attire and dig up your fall wardrobe. However, at Closet & Storage Concepts, understand that making the switch from one season’s items to the next can be a daunting task. The benefits of a clean and organized closet are numerous, but you have to have it set up correctly in order to use it efficiently. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite tips to help you transition your closet from summer to fall. 

Organize clothes closet CharlotteSort your Summer Clothing

While you may not need your shorts and short sleeves anymore, resist the urge to stuff it all in a box until next spring. Instead, a few strategic closet features can help you store them neatly and easily without having to pack and unpack twice a year. If you have high ceilings in your closet, consider pull-down rods where you can keep your clothes hanging but out of direct sight so you aren’t having to sift through light blouses when you really need a sweater. Alternatively, you could opt for deep drawers within your closet for you to keep everything together. 

Outside Storage

If you need to clear out space in your closet and can’t keep your summer clothes nearby, we suggest plastic bins since they protect your garments from insects, water, and other potential damage – especially if you’ll be storing in your garage. Then fold or roll your clothing to reduce the number of bins you need. Consider using separate bins for each type of clothing, too, as you simplify unpacking next spring. 

custom closet cleaning CharlotteConsider Donating

When you’re transitioning your clothes, think critically about each item and see if there are things you might be able to donate the clothes you didn’t wear this year. If you went a whole summer without wearing something in your closet, it likely doesn’t need to take up space only to hang in your closet unused next year. 

Organize Your Fall Closet!

You’re now ready to give your fall clothing center stage in your closet. Set out your sweaters, pants, scarves, boots, and any other items in separate piles. With a clear closet, you can find the best ways for you to keep everything organized. The benefit of a custom closet from Closet & Storage Concepts is that we can install adjustable shelves, rods, and hooks so you can transform your space as you see fit with your changing wardrobe. 

Putting everything away in an organized fashion depends on how you use your items every day. You may choose to hang jackets, shirts, pants, and dresses on sturdy hangers, sort folded sweaters in drawers, organize belts and scarves on a pegboard, and place shoes on a rack. Consider sorting clothes by color, too, to simplify your morning routine. You’ll actually look forward to getting dressed thanks to your neat and tidy closet!

The most efficient bedroom closet is one that showcases your most used items needed at this particular time of year. Use these tips to transition from summer to fall and keep your closet organized all season. Consider a customized closet that maximizes every inch of your closet and put your priorities first. Schedule a free consultation with a Closet & Storage Concepts as you make room for life and build the perfect closet for your fall wardrobe. Call us today! 



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