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Transforming Your Entryway With Custom Storage

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Custom Mudroom Furniture Charlotte

Wouldn’t it be great to stop using your kitchen chair as a coat rack when it rains? Aren’t you tired of tracking dirt through the house because there’s no place to store your outdoor shoes?

You don’t have to put up with poor design flow any longer! Instead of walking straight into the heart of the home, create the transition you need by adding a custom hall closet or mudroom to your entryway. You’ll be amazed at the time you’ll save knowing exactly where to find your outerwear — and you’ll cut down on dirt and clutter in your home as well.

Custom Mudroom Furniture CharlotteCabinets and Baskets for that Winter Gear

If you live in a four season climate, you need a place to put cold weather accessories such as boots, gloves, and scarves. Shelves with baskets give you and your family easy access to items that are used only some of the year, while cabinets provide a storage solution for bulkier items like snowshoes and waterproof pants. If you store it all in one place, there’s a better chance that things won’t go missing from one winter to the next.

 A Proper Place to Hang up Coats

If you don’t have a hall closet, your coats will inevitably migrate from their temporary homes in individual bedroom closets and wind up draped over chairs or piled on the kitchen table. Designing a custom closet right in your entry creates a permanent home for coats and greatly reduces the clutter inside your home. Adding a few garage storage hooks to the space is a clever hack that makes it simple for kids to hang their coats as well. 

A Shoe Storage System That Delights

Is your floor getting wet or dirty because family members walk into the house wearing their shoes no matter how often you try to cure them of this bad habit? The problem could be that you have no designated spot for each family member’s shoes. Cubbies are the perfect addition to a custom mudroom. Open so that family members can grab and go, cubbies are also easy to further customize with labels so that even young children know where to put their shoes when they come in.

Make the Perfect Entry 

Ready to increase the functionality and design flow of your home? Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte can help you decide which features are right for your custom hall closet or mudroom by providing an expert associate who will work with you to select the right components and design the space. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation, and you’ll be one step closer to whole house organization.