Pantries allow you to completely rethink the functionality and design of the average kitchen by encouraging one area for work and another for storage. For that reason, pantries are an organizer’s dream. By prioritizing what is essential to daily life and what is supplemental, you are one step closer to clutter-free and more productive living. Here at Closet and Storage Concepts Charlotte, we love building custom pantry storage

You don’t have to have a dedicated room to for your pantry, either. You can build pantry storage right into your existing kitchen design or remodel the space so that an underutilized area becomes a brand new custom pantry. Whatever you decide, here are some great features to include.

Custom Pantry Storage Charlotte NC

Everything Spice Rack

There are few things more satisfying than an organized spice rack with freshly purchased herbs and spices. Why not devote an eye level wall of your pantry space to these oft neglected kitchen essentials? You don’t need to spend big to replenish your stock. Look for stores that sell in bulk for a fraction of the cost.

Linen Drawers

You probably don’t use table clothes and cloth napkins everyday. But you definitely want them to stay clean and fresh for special occasions. Linen storage is a great use of pantry drawers.

A Custom Bar 

If entertaining is a big part of your life, consider converting part of your pantry into a bar area with wine racks and refrigerated storage underneath, shelf storage for specialized bar glasses and spirits above, and a counter top for putting the finishing touches on drinks.

Pull-Out Racks

Some people are amateur chefs. Others are managing large families with voracious appetites. If you fall into the latter category, including wire pull-out racks in your pantry makes it easy to see in a glance what snacks and pack-ables are available and let every member of the family grab and go so you don’t have to pack everyone’s lunches in the morning. 

A Cookbook Library

Creating a cookbook library, complete with a desk for curating recipes, is a great way to improve kitchen functionality for the amateur chef. This custom pantry serves double-time as an inspirational workspace and might just become your favorite place in the house to escape it all!

What are you waiting for? Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte has a team of local design experts who are ready to help you ditch the tired old kitchen design and create the custom pantry of your dreams. Take the first step and contact us today


Photo Credit: © miroslav pesek