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3 Areas of the Home to Fix in 2019

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Custom Laundry Room Storage Charlotte

Now that the holiday season is over and the presents are put away, it’s time to shift into home improvement mode. Chances are your house doesn’t function as well as you’d like. There’s too much clutter, and some areas are serving double-duty in an awkward way. 

2019 can be the year you take control over the organizational design of your house. Although every family has its own set of renovation priorities, the following three ideas can allow you to improve functionality, rethink tired old spaces, and have get some well-deserved rest and relaxation in the long-run. 

Custom Laundry Room Storage CharlotteBuild a Dedicated Laundry Area 

Few rooms in a house give as much satisfaction as a dedicated laundry room, complete with drying racks, lots of storage, enough floor space to get out the ironing board, and a folding table large enough to handle linens. Imagine never having to see an overflowing basket of laundry on your kitchen table ever again! We can customize a laundry room to streamline your family’s laundry routine and make it easy for everyone to be involved with cubby systems, drop down ironing boards, and storage cupboards. 

Keep Things Functional

Right now, your spare room might be a sad space containing an exercise bike, storage boxes you haven’t gotten around to throwing out, and those holiday decorations you’ve just taken down. Why not make 2019 the year of the multipurpose room. With a custom entertainment center or bookcase you can have the space for all your viewing, reading, gaming, and playing enjoyment. Custom cabinetry can keep things accessible and easily organized. Lower cubbies for the kids can hold puzzles, books, and boardgames and higher shelving can showcase your movie collection or family knick-knacks. Top it off with a sectional or wall bed and your room will serve for comfort and practicality. 

Custom Home Office CharlotteMove Your Home Office out of the Common Area

Is your home office nothing more than a desk build into a kitchen nook? While this can be a great place to pay household bills, it may not cut it as a true home office, and in the most trafficked part of the house, it’s hardly going to provide you with the focus you need to get work done. Consider upgrading to a Murphy bed in your guest room that will allow you to keep your spare room for guests, while at the same time creating a professional home office. These custom rooms can come complete with storage for your paperwork and a built-in desk. When you don’t have guests over simply store the bed away, close the door, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

This year, finally make that transition from house to home by reconfiguring the areas of your house that just don’t currently work for your family. Need inspiration? Schedule a free consultation to speak with one of Closet & Storage Concepts’s design specialists, who can show you how to transform your house from scattered to spectacular. Contact us today