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3 Popular Garage Organization Solutions for 2019

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Custom Garage Organization CharlotteThere’s an old joke that most people park one of their most valuable assets, their car, in the driveway. Meanwhile, they reserve their protected garage for low-value items that they don’t have room for in the house. If this joke resonates with you, we’ve got a solution. When you work with Closet & Storage Solutions of Charlotte, NC, you will simply smile in amazement because of the neat way you’ve organized your garage to secure both your vehicles and your other possessions.

Consider how well these popular garage storage solutions can help you keep items off the garage floor and make more space for your prized possessions and hobbies! 

Slatted Wall Systems

Slatted wall systems consist of wall panels that have grooves that allow you to use a variety of storage attachments. For instance, you can hang baskets, bins, and hooks from the wall. You can also mix and match these attachments and change them as your needs change. People generally use these attachments to keep tools, supplies, and other small items that they want to store and access frequently. Slatted wall systems will provide you with an easy-to-use, flexible, and sensible solution to garage storage.

Large Hooks

Hooks can hang from the walls or work with a slatted wall system or a pegboard. They’re meant to keep larger and heavier items off the garage floor. Some example of these bigger items might include ladders, bikes, hoses, and pool equipment. Basically, you can use these hooks to take advantage of overhead space in your garage, so you will still have room for your vehicles and other possessions on the floor.

Custom storage solution Charlotte

Shelves and Cabinets

Lots of customers want to get their garage to double up as a workroom that they can use for various hobbies or even businesses. A variety of cabinets and shelves can fit neatly against the wall to store tools, accessories, and supplies in an orderly way. You can also incorporate these with work tables or desks if you’d like. Rely upon shelves and cabinets to free up space and protect your investment in the tools of your trade or hobby.

How to Start Organizing Your Garage in 2019

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to start organizing your garage. Simply call upon us here at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte for a free in-home evaluation and estimate. We will offer you customized solutions that will give you places to stash garage clutter and give you room to park your car at night. Besides organizing garages, we can also help you make better use of space in every part of your home.


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