Are you tired of trying to get things done at the dining room table while your family races around, distracting you? Do you want to up your professional game and finally have a productive, private space? Let 2019 finally be the year you create a dedicated place to work. The goal is to create a space that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing so that when you get to work you feel inspired and motivated with have everything on hand to get things done.

Here at Closet & Storage Concepts North Carolina, we specialize in custom solutions for all your storage, organization and productivity needs. The following four features are must-haves for any serious home office.

Custom Home Office Charlotte1. The Right Desk

Your desk is the office launch pad, the place where everything happens. That’s why it’s important to get this detail right. When making your decision, consider both how you work and what sort of work you mostly do. And don’t feel like you have to settle on just one option. Why not have a conventional desk to house your desktop computer and supplies, with a standing desk in another part of the room to add flexibility to your work routine?

2. Supply and File Storage

When you have a dedicated home office, it needs to house everything so that you don’t have an excuse to interrupt your work flow by leaving the room. Your home office should contain cupboards for books, paperwork, and printers and other technological equipment. You can either create storage space around a built-in desk, or store your supplies in one custom wall and let a freestanding desk occupy the central position in the room.  

3. A Wall Bed

Perfect for people who need their home office to serve a dual function, Murphy or wall beds fold up into a wall and look like built-in cabinets when not in use. This option allows you to provide your guests with a comfortable place to stay while at the same time letting you work in a professional environment. 

4. Good Task Lighting

A lot of people ignore task lighting when they design their office space. But one way to improve functionality in a home office is to install task lighting where you need it — for instance, above or even inside your custom cabinetry — so that you don’t drive yourself crazy trying to read the fine print on documents you pull out of a file drawer. 

Ready to build the home office that’s perfect just for you? At Closet & Storage Concepts North Carolina, we have a full range of desks, filing cabinets, bookshelves, and storage cabinets so that you can configure the ideal work space. Contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our design specialists.