While music is enjoyed all over the world, most of us experience it in our own unique ways. For some of us, this might mean going to see our favorite bands live in concert, while for others it might mean listening to our favorite composer while relaxing quietly at home. Whether the way you chose to enjoy music takes you across the globe, or only as far as the living room, Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte can help you get the most out of the music you enjoy.

Create the Right Atmosphere

For those who use music to relax, creating the right atmosphere is critical. Entertainment centers with custom drawers and cabinets can help you create this environment by concealing things like DVDs, remotes, and other electronics so you can focus your attention on the music, not the clutter. And, you won’t have to worry about finding an entertainment center disrupting the aesthetics you’ve already created. The designers at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte will match your custom music center to your existing décor.

Relive Your Favorite Memories

With summer just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to going to outdoor concerts and music festivals. If you like to commemorate your favorite shows by saving ticket stubs or with a t-shirt from the merchandise booth, displaying these items in a prominent location on custom shelving will remind you of your experience long after the band has left the stage.

Vinyl Record Storage Made Easy

Like genres, people tend to have their favorite formats for listening to music as well. Most formats like CDs are relatively easy to store but if you collect vinyl records your already aware of the challenges the need to store them vertically presents. Most people address this issue by keeping their records in boxes or on shelves, both which present problems of their own. Boxes require you to handle more of your collection than necessary and tend to be heavy, and storing your collection in shelving can make it difficult to browse. Keeping your vinyl collection in a cabinet with roll out drawers would allow you to store them vertically and make it easy to thumb through your collection without the heavy lifting.

Customize to Fit Your Needs Custom shelving and entertainment centers can be made to fit into almost any size space from a few feet wide to several yards. So, whether you like to watch concerts at home on an enormous TV, or you just need a unit large enough to hold your tablet, the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte can design a unit that’s right for you. Get started with a free, in-home consultation today!

Photo Credit: ©Natalia Deriabina