You’ve probably seen house hunting programs where an agent shows off the master bedroom of a beautiful home and shows off a beautiful master closet built for two. Meanwhile, you and your spouse are stuck sharing the same old space, your clothing crammed in wherever you can find room.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can reconfigure any closet space — even a standard reach-in closet — to meet both of your clothing storage needs. The closet experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte can help you! Here are some tips for getting started. 

Shared Master Closet Closet and Storage Concepts Charlotte

Get Rid of Items Neither of You Wear.

There’s a good chance that you don’t wear a lot of what’s hanging in your closet right now, and an essential first step in any closet redesign is to go through and remove items that are worn out or no longer fit. While some items probably need to go straight in the trash or recycling, you might be able to donate others. Tidy up your space and make room for the custom closet features that will really improve your layout and organization.

Divide the Area Into Zones.

Everybody has different closet needs depending on how you view your personal sense of fashion. On your partner’s side, they might need a large double hang area for shirts and suits. On your side, you might require extra space for shoes and accessories as well as a long hang area for coats and dresses. Once you’ve pared your clothing down to the essentials, the next step is to plan each zone based on the size and shape of each person’s most common clothing items. 

Decide What’s “Closet Worthy.”

If you’re still sharing a reach-in closet, you won’t be able to hang everything. Decide what’s going to be folded and stored in bureau drawers and stick with that decision. For instance, you might decide to use your closet for work and evening wear, storing all of your casual clothing in your drawers. Not only will your closet stay more organized; it will be a lot easier to get ready for work in the morning when you know where to find everything.

Create a Second Closet 

If downsizing and compartmentalizing just won’t give you the space you need, a measure of last resort is to convert a wall in your bedroom into a closet by installing a row of standing wardrobes. Adjustable shelving and pull out drawers give you options for storing items that don’t fit well into a conventional closet as well as giving you room to expand.

Want to overhaul your closet so that it makes sense for both of you? Closet & Storage Concepts North Carolina is able to help you redesign and configure the closet of your dreams. We proudly serve the greater Charlotte area and would be happy to build any storage system you need! Contact us to schedule an in-home consultation.