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Tips For Art Studio Organization

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art studio organization Charlotte

art studi organization Charlotte

Creative pursuits can often lead to messy workspaces. Between the paint, paper, brushes and pens clutter can quickly accumulate. Don’t let disorganization hinder your creativity. Read on to learn a few tips from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte for organizing your art studio.


Cubbies are an artist’s best friend. With so many small supplies it can be easy to let them pile up. Cubbies will ensure that there is a home for everything. Use them to store small materials such as markers and paints, and organize them by color or use. Get into the habit of putting items back as soon as you’re done using them to maintain organization.


Canvases are one of the trickiest materials to store and often find themselves leaned on the wall or stacked on the floor. Canvas is expensive, and this haphazard method of storage can lead to the canvases becoming damaged. A custom shelving unit will allow you to design shelves that are tall enough to store your canvases vertically. This will minimize the amount of space they take up and ensure that they are safely stored.

Vertical Space

Vertical space is almost always underutilized. Take advantage of it! Install shelves and don’t be afraid of putting them high up. You can use this space to store anything from sketchbooks to jars of paintbrushes. The trick is to organize intentionally. Place items you don’t use regularly on the top shelves, and the ones you reach for more often at eye-level.

Get Creative

If you don’t have a space to commit solely to your art, make the room multi-functional. Install a pull-down desk that can be accessed whenever you’re ready to create. Or custom cabinetry that will hide your workspace when needed or keep your supplies out of sight.

At Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, we want to help you pursue your passions. Our design experts can help you find a custom storage solution that will allow your creativity to thrive. Call us today for a free in-home design consultation or visit our showroom.

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