spring cleaning Charlotte

Spring is a time of renewal and with it comes the opportunity to reset your home. It’s time for spring-cleaning! Many people dread the task, but here at Closet and Storage Concepts Charlotte we welcome the opportunity to organize. Read on to learn some tips and tricks for tackling your spring-cleaning and how we can help you reconfigure your space.

Clear Out the Closet

Once a year you should go through your closet and take out pieces that don’t fit, are stained, or you no longer wear. A good trick for this is to utilize the one-year rule. If there is an item that you have not worn in over a year, it’s likely you won’t wear it again and it’s time for it to go.

After you have pared down your clothes, make sure you designate a space for everything in the closet. This will make it easier to maintain your closet organization throughout the year. If you’re looking to add additional storage, we can help you design a custom closet that will meet your needs.

Unify Your Kitchen and Pantry

It’s easy for your pantry to become cluttered with forgotten food, mismatched Tupperware, and a general lack of organization. One way to remedy this is to standardize your food storage. Clear out your collection and use one brand of Tupperware. This way your storage will be cohesive and the lid will always fit. You can do the same with other food containers as well.

Dedicate time to sorting through kitchen utensils and getting rid of multiples. You might be surprised by how many you find. Use drawer organizers to keep your utensils organized and your drawers tidy.

Too Many Things in the Living Room

Survey the living room. Look for items that have accumulated such as magazines, books, and decorative pieces. Part with items that you no longer use or enjoy looking at. This will clear the space of clutter and give you a fresh start.

The key to maintaining the organization of any room is to manage the clutter. Every time you leave a space, take a quick look around and put back anything out of place. Your diligence will make future organizing a breeze.

Closet and Storage Concepts Charlotte is here to help with all your organizational needs. Contact us to schedule a free in-home design consultation or visit our showroom.

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