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Garden Storage For A Green Thumb

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garden storage Charlotte

garden storage Charlotte

If you have a green thumb, you know firsthand that the love of nurturing plants takes up quite a bit of space. Not only for the garden itself but also the tools required to care for it. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden shed, but the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte have a few tricks for converting a part of your garage to garden storage.


A workbench is a useful addition for gardeners in more ways than one. It is an excellent place to get started on your garden before the cold weather breaks for the summer. Store plant starters or nurture seeds here to prepare them for planting. A workbench also has the added benefit of providing storage underneath. Add a few baskets to hold your overalls, hats, and other miscellaneous garden necessities.

Pegboard Tool Storage

A pegboard for tools is one of our favorite storage solutions to add to a garage or garden storage area. It provides a convenient place to hang small tools such as hand-held shovels or rakes, garden gloves, twine, etc. You can also use the pegboard to hang small baskets to hold seed packets. This will keep them safe, tidy, and easy to find when you are ready to plant them.

Custom Cabinets

We can design custom cabinets to fit your available space, and fulfill your exact storage needs. Cabinets are useful for storing large items that won’t fit on the workbench such as bags of soil or compost, large pots, hoses, etc. You can also install hooks inside the door or along the side of the cabinet to store large garden tools like shovels or hose attachments.

One handy trick is to create a basket of essentials you use every time you visit your garden. It will be ready to go whenever you need it, and you’ll save yourself time and hassle searching for the things you need.

Get Started Today

Don’t let organization hinder your garden hobby, let us help you with the perfect storage solution. Contact the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte for a free in-home consultation. You can also visit our showroom.


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