Your kitchen is all about utility. If it isn’t well-organized and well-designed, it isn’t going to be pleasant to cook in. If you’ve found your pantry slowly becoming more of a mess, there are a few things you can do to try to improve upon it. Custom, built-in features are an excellent way to extend utility and usefulness. Take a look at a few of our favorite features to consider. 

Custom kitchen pantryBuilt-In Spice Organizer

Spices are by far the greatest contributor to a messy pantry: there’s a lot of small, discrete objects that are frequently used and need to be accessible. A built-in spice organizer will display all of your spices while keeping them in the right location. 

There are spice organizers that can either fit on shelves or against the pantry doors, depending on how many spices you need to organize. These organizers can also be used for smaller items, such as tea. 

Pull-Out and Pull-Down Shelves

Do you have shelves that are too deep or too tall? Pull-out and pull-down shelves let you use all of your shelves, keeping everything organized even at the very back. These shelves operate on easy-to-use mechanical systems, which let you gently push the shelves up, down, in, or out.

This is especially useful if you tend to have difficulty reaching top cabinets, or if you have children who need to be able to use the pantry. Glide-out and glide-down pantry shelves are designed so that they pull out slowly. 

Interior Lighting

Is the inside of your pantry too dark to view and organize your items? Internal lighting can be designed to be motion-sensitive, so you don’t need to wire it into the rest of your home. When you open the pantry door, the light will come on — and you can more easily find the things that you need. 

Lazy Susan Storage

In a pantry that needs additional space, Lazy Susan storage can help. Lazy Susan storage is a type of storage that rotates, so you have a rotating cylinder within your pantry. You can access anything on the shelf by rotating the Lazy Susan.

Are you ready to start customizing your pantry space? With a better, well-organized pantry, you’ll be able to get everything you need with ease. For more information about the benefits of custom pantry cabinets, contact the experts at Closet Storage Solutions.


Photo credit: © Valery Yurasov