Murphy bed pulled down from white custom bookshelf

There is a one-step solution to revamping any room in your Charlotte home. Enter: the Murphy bed.

Also known as a wall bed or pull-down bed, the Murphy bed is designed to be pushed up into and stored in the wall in order to quickly and seamlessly make a bed “disappear” from a room.  

This clever invention has the power to make over any room in your home with its space-saving magic. One minute, it’s a bedroom. The next? It’s a playroom, or a living room, or a home gym!


White bookshelf with blue decorations hides a Murphy bed.
The Murphy bed is put up and stored inside the custom bookshelf — opening up the entire room!

Probably the most obvious of all rooms to re-do with a Murphy bed, the bedroom was actually the room that inspired the creator of the Murphy bed, William Murphy, to get out his tools and design his “disappearing bed.”

Yes, you need a bed to sleep in. But for the rest of the day, the bed sits there useless!

Whether you need to pack a suitcase, your kids need extra room to play, or you simply want the refreshing feeling of having space to move in your own bedroom, a Murphy bed folds away to let you access all of your bedroom.

Without a bed, a room has a completely different look. So you can keep the room looking fresh simply by pulling down or putting up the Murphy bed!


Your office does a wonderful job functioning as a place for work, but you can instantly transform an office into an extra place to sleep with a Murphy bed.

Closet and Storage Concepts Charlotte knows how to blend a Murphy bed into the style of your office, so you can be furiously filling out spreadsheets one minute and your guest can be soundly snoozing the next.  

Living room

A Murphy bed in a living room is an easy way to add more places to sleep in your home without taking up extra space in a room that is meant to be more spacious.

Installing a wall bed lets your living room keep all the space your home needs to live while still functioning as a comfy bed (no uncomfortable pull-out couch necessary) when you have visitors.

Two Murphy beds pulled down surrounded by dark custom storage cabinetry.

Living space with hidden Murphy beds in dark storage cabinetry.Guest room

If you’re lucky enough to have a room specifically designated for hosting guests, you may not see the usefulness of a Murphy bed. However, finding a way to transform your space from underutilized to multipurpose will make a world of difference.

Murphy beds allow your guest room to be any kind of room you need! Make your extra room into a craft room, a home gym, a game room – the room you’ve always wanted – for the majority of the time, and just pull down the Murphy bed whenever a guest pops by for an overnight stay.  

Get Started

Murphy beds make transforming a room easy. Give Closet and Storage Concepts Charlotte a call today at (704) 525-6515 and schedule a free in-home consultation to see how a custom Murphy bed can make over your home.