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Charlotte Families & The Media Unit

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Media units have a tendency to dominate your living space. That can be either a wonderful thing — or a waste of valuable wall space — depending on the amount of thought you put into designing your unit. 

The following custom features allow you and your family to make the use of the space you have while having a media unit that complements and enhances the style of your home.

Custom media unit Charlotte North Carolina

Combine Open Shelving with Closed Cubbies

Open shelves are great for displaying collectible items. They are also an important organizational tool for your media unit, the place where you can place equipment that gets used regularly. Similarly, closed cubbies give the whole family a space to put things that would otherwise contribute to clutter in the room. Having a combination of the two storage solutions maximizes your capacity for organizing.

Drawers Are Another Great Way to Organize

We usually think of drawers as essential to office space but overlook their functionality when it comes to designing a media center. But drawers can be the perfect way to organize small objects that are easily misplaced, and they have a clean, uncluttered look.

Wall Beds Turn a Media Unit a Spare Room

If you are looking for ways to maximize space in your home for guests, think about combining your media space with a functional wall bed. These stylish space-savers allow you to offer a comfortable bed for visitors, without taking away from the everyday use of your living room. 

Consider Adding a Desk

For parents who want to cut down on their children’s screen time, building an entertainment center that doubles as a homework station can be a way to limit your child’s time on the computer and also act as an incentive — once they finish with their homework, they can shift into game or TV mode.

Make Your Screens Go Into Hiding

Some families don’t mind having screens that are always on display. But if your family room decor is traditional, or if you want family time to involve more than television, consider designing your media unit so that the screens can be hidden from view when you’re not using them.

Closet & Storage Concepts would love to be the first stop in your quest to build the perfect media unit. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation to see how can help you find solutions to organizing your unique space. We proudly serve the greater Charlotte area.