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Upgrading Your Kids’ Closets

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Keeping your home tidy can feel like a full-time job. We want to lighten your load and show you how to get everyone involved. Even young children can be taught the basic principles of being tidy. Preschoolers should be able to stow their toys and return their belongings to a closet. If hangers are posing a problem, try open storage and designated cubbies for your kids. Neatness comes with time, but the basic principle is to teach the value of “putting things away.”

One of the best ways to establish easy organization is with custom storage systems. Personalize closets based on height, wardrobe, and belongings and you’ll always find space for what you have. Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte can step in to help. Let’s take a look here! 

Custom closet for childrenThe Right Kind of Storage

Whether your child’s closet is a walk-in or a more typical walk-up with either sliding or bifold doors, the key is to place shelves and bins at a child’s height. Open shelves, perhaps fitted out with baskets or see-through containers, are a great help, and a double rod in at least half the closet will serve both children and teens. Canvas bins and boxes are great for toys and dirty clothes.

Divide to Conquer

The best way to teach lasting good habits and conquer clutter is to divide a closet (or any storage area) into logical spaces. In a child’s room, allow ample space for toys and games as well as clothes. A floor rack or back of the door shelving works for shoes. Shelving is as important as hanging space, but remember that high shelves are impractical for young children. Plan to store extra bedding, or out-of-season-items, on that hard-to-reach top shelf, and don’t let it become a temptation for a child who is prone to climbing.

Plan for Special Interests

Unless your home has a unique area that can be used to corral the family sports gear, your child’s closet is likely to be a catchall space for all kinds of equipment, games, toys, and all kinds of hobbies that sparks your child’s imagination and reflects his or her interests. Once they start school, the closet is also apt to be the repository for textbooks and projects along with their dirty laundry! The list simply gets longer as children grow, so why not make it as easy as possible from the beginning to stay organized?

Be Adaptable to Changing Needs

If you plan for adjustable shelving, stackable storage bins of varying sizes, and the changing needs of growing children, even a small closet can be a model of efficiency and organization. You don’t need a walk-in closet for every member of your family; what you really need is some big ideas, and the determination to take advantage of the space that’s available. 

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