Whether you’re starting a business from your living room or just need a productive place to crank out work on the weekend, the team at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte can customize a space for you. The key to a home office is personalization because your day-to-day life is unique to you. Let’s take a look at a few features you should consider when dreaming up your perfect office setup. 

Custom home office CharlotteEnough Space to Spread Out

Don’t settle for the dining room desk any longer. We will build a desk in any area of your home that not only complements existing décor but gives you the space you need. You won’t get anything done if you are constantly having to relocate stacks of papers or bills. Having a desk that is long or wide enough to fit everything you need will make it much easier to start each day. Depending on your home, we’ll find the optimal room or corner to build your desk in to maximize your space. 

Features to Keep Things Clutter-Free

From obvious solutions like drawers and cabinets to simple touches like wire diverters, we’ll make sure that your desk space isn’t taken over by loose papers, tangled cords, and disorganized supplies. In a free in-home consultation, tell us about your workday and the elements you would value most. By understanding your work style, we can better build a desk for you. Don’t be shy – if you absolutely need desk space for three separate monitors, we’ll be sure to make it possible. 

Make It Feel Like An Office

Your work to-do list and home to-do list shouldn’t overlap, and neither should your attitude when you sit at your desk every day! If you are feeling distracted by the tv, living room clutter, or dirty dishes in the sink, be sure to separate yourself from those stress cues. Your desk should make you feel efficient and productive from the moment you start. Think about what you need to add or remove from the overall ambiance of your desk. 

Custom home office and Murphy bed CharlotteDon’t Sacrifice Other Elements Of Your Home

If you’re tight on space and find yourself choosing between a guest room and a home office, it’s time to stop and talk to the experts. We are happy to inform you that you can indeed have both! Our custom Murphy bed and desk units give you the best of both worlds. Use the spare room as your focused office space when you’re working, and simply pull down the hidden bed when you have guests! You won’t feel like you’re always working from a bedroom, and you won’t have to offer your guests an old futon or air mattress when they stay. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of a murphy bed, just ask us!

Call Closet & Storage Concepts

Ready to get started? So are we! The team of design experts at Closet & Storage Concepts is here to help you Make Room For Life®. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home design consultation and estimate. We proudly serve the greater Charlotte area.