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Create an Entryway Storage System for Your Charlotte Home

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Entryways, though often overlooked, are the first view of the inside of your house and offer valuable storage space. This space is especially helpful when properly organized because it is right next to your front door and can make leaving in the mornings easier. It also likely puts you in a better mood to come home to a clean house and entryway storage can help with that. Read on to learn the Closet & Storage Concepts tips on creating storage potential in this area of your home.


If you have a closet in your entryway, redesigning it to hold more space can reduce clutter and promote organization. Besides the necessary hanger space for coats, some other considerations for your closet could include:

  • Shallow racks installed into the wall to hold new mail
  • Shelf space at the bottom of the closet to organize shoes
  • Hooks to hang backpacks, handbags, scarves, and umbrellas
  • Small baskets to contain smaller items, such as hats and gloves

Adjustable Shelving

Install shelving with different sizes of space so you can section common items, such as shoes, coats, and backpacks. This form of organization can be super helpful if you live in a large household or with many people because you can create individual sections for all family members or roommates. You can even customize a small shelf specifically meant to hold keys and other items you’ll be needing during the day.

Entryway Storage Shelving Drawers Charlotte

Coat Rack

You can always place a standing coat hanger near your front door, however, if your entryway is lacking space, a custom coat rack may be the solution for you. If you prefer minimalism, some simple hooks can be installed into your walls. For a more elaborate coat hanger, a backboard acts as a charming detail.

Entryway Custom Coat Hanger Charlotte

Storage Accessories

Combine practicality with style by installing a shelf over your coat rack and placing a bench below it. This is a great option when you want to accessorize your entryway as you can use the shelf to display pictures, plants, and art prints. Many benches come with hidden storage space, which can be used to hold miscellaneous items, such as tools, sports bags, and pet leashes. Lastly, placing throws and pillows on the bench makes them easily accessible, while also making it easy for you to sit on the bench when tying your shoes or rummaging through a bag to find something.

Begin the Design Process

Make the most of your entryway today with the help of our design team at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte. Visit your local showroom or schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate

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