Whether you’re trying to find a modern way to organize your shoes or find a way to store your hats there’s nothing better than the freedom that comes with creating a custom closet. From choosing bright colors and unique layouts, it’s no secret that custom closets are great for organizing your wardrobe. That’s just the beginning. When it comes to custom closets the opportunities are endless! Below are some unique ways to take your closet organization to new heights with these innovative ideas.

Create a station for self-care

If you’re tight on space, creating a custom closet that houses your vanity table is a creative way to incorporate one. Start by removing the door from the closet for easier access. Install a small desk, mirror with lights, and choose a statement chair to sit in while you get ready to look your best! This can also be a great place to organize your makeup and jewelry. Our design team will be able to assist in creating the shelving and storage you desire.


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A home for your hobbies

Give the dining table a break by working on a space dedicated to creativity, not dining. Create a custom closet that houses your favorite hobbies or collections! With a small desk and proper shelving, you can create more room to store your latest passion project. This can include paint brushes and other art supplies, writing journals, instruments, sewing machines, you name it! By having an organized dedicated space for your hobbies, a major perk is an increase in motivation for you to let your imagination run wild. 

Make working from home easier

Converting closet space into a custom office space is a great idea if home space is limited.  Organize the closet space so that you’re able to efficiently file important documents, and supplies. Incorporate a small desk for your laptop or computer and choose a comfortable chair. Already have a home office? Turn this closet space into a homework station for the kids!

Custom closets for any part of the home

Beyond unique ways to view custom closets as stations for work or play, custom closets are always a good idea to store other home goods too. A custom closet is a great way to incorporate a mini reading nook or add to an entertainment area by organizing board games, video game consoles, and movies. Custom closets work with any area of your home. Depending on the location, you may also choose to utilize closet space as a mini-bar for entertaining or incorporate hooks and shoe space in the mudroom.

Ready to learn more?

Get started on your custom closets today and reach out for a FREE in-home consultation. Make Room for Life® and get your closet makeover underway. Our experts here at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte are happy to assist with your closet organization and design ideas.

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