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Customizing Your Closet with Colors

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Colors play a subconscious role in influencing our everyday mood. It can bring about feelings of happiness, induce sadness, add excitement, or even create a calming effect. Oftentimes, your closet is one of the first places you spend your day, making it extremely important to choose colors that are going to help you start your day off in the right mood! Here are a few ways you can customize your closet using different color schemes from the experts here at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte.



Choose Colors with Similar Temperatures

Colors can be placed into two categories – warm and cold. Pairing colors that fall under one of those categories can create a well-rounded room. Try pairing a shade of blue/green with a light grey to create a calming, balanced vibe to your closet. If you would prefer more of a statement in your closet while keeping the space harmonious, choose a couple of warm hues such as red and tan to add some energy and warmth to the space.


Use Monochrome Colors

Think color tones, tints, and shades. Using color variations in small spaces, like your closet, can help open the room up and make it feel larger. Add a little white, black, or grey to your base color to create an accent. Choosing navy blue and adding a little white to create a pale blue tint can add the perfect amount of style while keeping your closet classy and sleek. A secret to using a monochromatic color palette while sustaining the depth of your space is using patterns. Place a patterned rug with the same color scheme as your walls, shelves, and other colored pieces and watch your closet come together in unity.


Showcase Your Personality

Your closet is YOUR closet. It is a private space meant to represent your mood, style, and personality. Choose a color that reflects who you are, and choose a matching tempered color or tinted shade to complement it. Whether you’re a bright yellow with orange accents or a subtle green with darker shades type of person, your closet is the perfect place to customize!


Ready to customize your closet?

Every project we complete is custom-manufactured, designed, and built to fit your specific needs. Connect with us today for a FREE in-home consultation. Make Room for Life® and get your custom closet design underway. Our designers here at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte are excited to help your vision come to life.


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