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Preparing Your Garage For Summer

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custom garage cabinets Charlotte

custom garage cabinets CharlotteSummer will be here before we know it, and most of us are looking forward to enjoying the outdoors, going camping, and finishing projects that have built up around the house. The garage is the perfect place to store all our gear, tools, and equipment, but it’s often too cluttered to be useful. 

Having a well-organized garage will maximize your productivity and encourage you to tackle more this summer. Even though we are a few months away, getting a head start during the spring means we’ll make the most of the summer. Take a look at a few features that will take your garage to the next level. 

Custom Garage Storage Cabinets

Garages can be dangerous places if you leave tools laying around. Make sure everything has a designated place in a custom cabinet storage system. Drawers and shelves will allow you to tuck everything away and keep it organized, easy to find, and away from young hands. 

Cabinets are also a great place to store bulky equipment that might be laying around. Deep shelves are perfect for sliding in baskets with corraled basketballs, footballs, tennis balls, and more so they aren’t rolling around the floor. 

Free Up Floor Space With Slat Wall Storage

Speaking of the floor, custom wall-mounted storage solutions like peg or slat boards will free up floor space. Don’t leave toolboxes or bicycles strewn across the floor of your garage. Use safe and strong hooks, baskets, and shelves to store your possessions.  

A Custom Workbench

Whether you’re a novice gardener or an experienced woodworker, having a workbench for your projects is essential. A sturdy and easy to clean surface will give you the space to create and custom drawers to keep your tools nearby will maximize your efficiency. Talk to us about the projects you hope to accomplish and we’ll build the perfect solution for you. 

Ready to get started? Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte to schedule an appointment for a free design consultation. We are here to help you redesign and reorganize your garage so that this summer you have one less thing on your to-do list!