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Create The Perfect Work From Home Office Space

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Whether you are a seasoned work from home employee, or new to the whole experience, it can be difficult to find consistent success in focusing throughout the work day. Being surrounded by your personal belongings, roommates, family, or a multitude of other life factors can inevitably cause distractions. The team at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte are experts in designing custom offices to ensure you have the perfect space to work from home. Below are some insights into making your WFH office a little more optimal.

Designate your office space to be used ONLY for work

Even if it has to be a section of an existing room, such as a corner of your living room,  make sure you are isolating your work space away from your personal space. Don’t spend any time working on the couch – keep that area reserved for personal and family time! 

Personalize your desk

Some ideas include surrounding your desk with small plants, candles, posters, decor or pictures to make it feel a little more comfortable. Personalizing the space can help it feel more like a permanent work area, which can help productivity without having access to an office space outside of your home.

Invest in a quality desk

An ideal workspace starts with a great desk. Some things to think about when shopping for a desk are height, amount of surface area, storage, and as always, aesthetic. Ensure that the desk is the right height for the chair you will be using, while providing enough space for all of your essentials. Storage is also key, so you don’t end up with visible clutter. Make sure the desk includes the right amount of drawer space to keep all of your essentials close by for easy access. Finally, make sure you love the look of it! You will be spending plenty of time stationed at this desk, so make sure you’re pleased with how it fits in with the rest of your home!

Set up quality lighting

To reduce any sort of eyestrain, you’ll want the lighting in your home office to be sufficient. Choose a spot near a window for sunlight, or consider placing a floor lamp or table lamp to create a well-lit area. If you start to feel fatigued during the day, try adjusting the lighting in the room.

Office storage solutions in Charlotte

At Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, we will help create the perfect office work environment for you. From desks and filing cabinets to book shelves and storage, we have everything you need to stay organized and productive. Contact us today and work with our designers to get your custom design underway!