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Creating The Perfect Entertainment Room

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Add some excitement to your home with an entertainment room! This addition is perfect for those who love to host family gatherings, game nights, or dinner parties. This is also a great solution if you want to keep other rooms in your house peaceful. There are a multitude of things you can include in your entertainment room. As the design experts of Charlotte, we have compiled a list of all things we deem essential when creating the perfect entertainment room for your home.

Know your priorities

The first step when thinking about how you want your entertainment room designed is to decide how you are going to use it and which of those uses is the most important. Do you want the main purpose of the room to be for board games, movies, social gatherings, table games, a combination of these things, or something else entirely? If your main focus is to have a movie theatre, allocate a good portion of your budget towards sound quality and television. If you’d rather the main focus be around bringing people together for socializing, allocate most of the budget towards an abundance of furniture to ensure enough seating.

Make it comfortable

An entertainment room is not the place for your favorite designer sofa. This does not mean your entertainment room has to lack style, but rather, make comfort the focus. Choose furniture that you’re comfortable having guests lay down on, sit on, sleep on, and even eat on. Creating a relaxed environment starts with the look and feel of the furniture.

Use sound absorbing materials

This is especially important if you plan on using your entertainment room as a movie theater and want to avoid disturbing other areas of the household. Consider carpet for the flooring, thick curtains for the windows, and acoustic panelling for the walls. Including all three will prevent the sound from spilling into the adjacent rooms while maintaining the sound quality your entertainment room deserves!

Start your custom design today!

The designers here at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte have the experience and knowledge needed to create the perfect custom entertainment room for you! Call us today for a free consultation. We look forward to adding some entertainment excitement to your life!