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Using Accessories To Maximize Your Storage Space

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Most of us would agree that there is always room for more storage space in any home. If you are finding your house constantly overwhelmed with clutter, we have some simple solutions to help even the messiest rooms of your home become organized. The designers here at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte are experts in maximizing storage space in even the smallest of rooms. To help keep your home organized, we have compiled a list of the most useful accessories in organizing your closet, utility room, and pantry. 

Closet Storage Accessories

Oftentimes, closets are the first place to become disorganized. There are a few accessories that we find to be extremely useful in preventing closet clutter build-up.

Baskets serve as a perfect solution as they keep your floors and other closet surfaces free of clutter, but you won’t have to deal with the hassle of hangers for every single piece of clothing. Quickly folding the cotton shirt and tossing it into the basket allows for a quick and organized solution!

Jewelry drawers are especially useful for those who like to accessorize with different jewelry pieces often. This way, you can tuck everything away in the drawer to keep the overall closet looking clean, but have those pieces easily accessible when you need them.

Belt and tie racks will come in handy, especially if you have a wide variety of belts and/or ties. The racks will keep the belts from becoming a tangled mess and the ties from becoming wrinkled.

Pantry Storage Accessories

The perfect pantry is organized and everything is visible. We know how difficult it can be to obtain this, which is why we have two different accessory solutions to help get you started.

Spice rack drawers are essential for those who always have a million different spices stocked. Not only does a spice rack drawer make it much easier to locate each spice, but it also allows you to tuck all of the individual containers away, making your pantry look more organized and sleek.

Basket drawers are also great additions to any pantry for small, grab-and-go items like granola bars, fruit, or chips. They keep things organized but are easy to access when you’re in a hurry.

If you’re ready to take your pantry to the next level, contact our designers at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte and we can help customize the space to your specific needs.

Utility Room Storage Accessories

With plenty of experience in designing custom utility rooms, our experts have some easy tips on how to make small improvements.

A wall-mounted ironing board will be one of the greatest additions to your utility room! Never struggle to shove your loose ironing board into a stuffed closet again! Reserve a special place for it to tuck away into the wall when not in use, but easily drop-down into place when it’s needed.

A metal rack is a great way to keep things off of counter space. Remove a closet door, and add the metal rack to create a simple, yet efficient storage space.

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