Are your art supplies currently crammed in a box under the bed? Do you find yourself wasting time detangling cords every time you want to play your instruments? Don’t let disorganization kill your creative spark. At Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte we’re able to build custom solutions for all of your favorite hobbies. 

Custom Storage in Charlotte

Have Your Music Storage Hit the Right Note

Your instruments should be treated with the utmost care. Piling them up in the corner can lead to unwanted scuffs or scratches. With the right garage space, you can neatly display all of your guitars, keyboards, and more. We can incorporate slat-board or pegboard wall systems that allow you to neatly hang everything. This makes accessing your instruments a breeze.  

art studio organization Charlotte

Proudly Display Your Artwork

Your art deserves to be out on display, not piled in boxes in the attic. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home office or entertainment room, we recommend incorporating custom shelving to neatly showcase your paintings or sculptures. Not sure where to keep all of your art supplies? We are experts in building custom closets to house everything you need the right way  

Custom Pantry Storage Charlotte NC

Bring Out Your Inner Chef 

Fall in love with the art of cooking again with an organized pantry. It’s easy to see cooking as a hassle when you constantly have piles of pots and pans falling over, and can never seem to find the right spices. Our custom pantry features include baskets, spice racks, and more. Group similar items together so that you can always find what you need with each recipe.  

garden storage Charlotte

Cultivate Your Love of Plants 

Just as it’s important to ensure your plants are watered regularly, you’ll want to regularly keep your gardening tools neat and organized. We can build custom workbenches for your garage and cabinets to house gardening tools both small and large. With less time spent on looking for the right gardening tools or cleaning, you’ll have more energy to properly tend to your plants.  

Rekindle Your Joy of Hobbies and Call Today! 

Whether you enjoy crafting or playing music, our team of expert designers will make sure all of your belongings are properly taken care of and stored the right way. Schedule your FREE consultation to get started. We proudly serve homeowners in the greater Charlotte areas.  

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