Having an organized pantry makes a huge difference when it comes to starting your day as well as ending it. Whether you’re packing lunches for school and work in the morning or starting dinner for the whole family in the evening, your pantry is the center of the whole process. Keeping that space in order is essential to make the prepping and cooking processes go smoothly. As experts in storage and organization, the designers of Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte have 3 tips to help you make your pantry family-friendly.

Place the Treats Up High 

Whether it’s your bag of potato chips that you want to save for yourself, or it’s a bin of candies that are being saved for a special occasion, place them as high up as possible. Keeping these treats out of sight will allow you to keep the healthier snacks down low and visible. Now you won’t have to over-regulate when the kids are in and out of the pantry. When they go searching for a snack, their options will be right in front of them; and they will be healthy!

Create Categories for your Pantry

This is going to come in handy mid-week when you want dinner to be a quick, easy solution. Keep your spices organized in a spice rack. Include several bins or baskets to hold small miscellaneous items that otherwise get pushed to the back of the pantry. Keep all of your canned items in one section, all of your pasta and grains in another section, and all of your sauces and condiments in another. Organizing your pantry in a way that makes sense to you will help speed up the cooking process, allowing more time to spend with your family!

Create Sections for the Kids 

Start teaching your kids about the joys of food and cooking from a young age. To do this, consider creating a “kid’s section” of the kitchen pantry. This will encourage your kids to become involved in the cooking process, even if it means choosing their meal and asking for your help in preparing it. Familiarize them with the kitchen at an early age and they will be cooking meals for you in no time!

Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte for a Custom Pantry Design

Whether you already have your custom pantry vision in mind, or you want help coming up a design, our designers are here to help you create the kitchen pantry of your dreams! We will come up with storage and organization designs that fit the needs of you and your family. Reach out today for your free consultation.