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Customizing Your Home Office

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As many of us have been and will start working from home more frequently, distinguishing an office space in your home is becoming more and more important. A home office space is an area meant for productivity and efficiency and should be designed to fit the needs of you and your work style. At Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, we have experience in designing many different sizes, styles, and shapes of home offices. Here are just a few different ways you can customize your home office:

Custom Desk

Whether you need an L-shaped desk for more counter space or a tall cabinet with shelving for books and other work station materials, we can help. Creating a custom desk space to fit your needs is essential to making your home office feel established. Give yourself the room you need to prevent clutter and disorganization.

Custom Cabinets

We can work with you to ensure that enough cabinet space is installed to hold all of your work essentials while saving space for other workstation essentials. Customize the cubby space size, the height of the cabinet, the placement of the cabinet, or even the finish of the cabinet to fit the aesthetic of your home. Whether you’re someone who works with hard paperwork in bulk, or you work completely digitally, we have solutions to ensure your home office is equipped with the right size, shapes, and placement of cabinets.

Custom Drawer Systems

These are essential when it comes to preventing clutter. Many offices contain a lot of miscellaneous items that are necessary for use throughout the workday; staplers, pens, chargers, notepads. Customize the amount, size, and style of the drawers in your custom desk to ensure you have easy access to miscellaneous items, but they aren’t taking up desk space when they’re not in use. We can even help with creating a sliding keyboard tray to save even more space on the top of the desk.

Make Your Work from Home Life Easier with Help from Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte

With so many customizations available, your home office can be transformed into the comfortable, productive, and even beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t wait any longer to customize your home office to fit your needs. Contact the designers of Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte to start your design today!

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