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The Top Trends In Closets

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When it comes to closets, everyone wants to make sure that they get as much use out of this small space as possible. However, with functionality can also come style! At Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, we can help you create a closet with custom storage solutions as well as create a trendy aesthetic that fits your preference. To keep up with some of the top trends when it comes to custom closet designs, take a look below:

Adding a Sitting Area

Just as walk-in closets have been on the rise during the past few years, adding a sitting space to the closet is one of the more popular trends today. Today, closets are much more than simply a place for you to store your wardrobe. A closet is also meant to be a face of beauty, where you can feel a sense of luxury as you are surrounded by your clothes. As a result, many people are adding a sitting area to their closet. This might be something as simple as a chair or as large as an entire bench. Furthermore, some people are also removing the door, providing them with extra space to add even more seating. 

A Minimalist Design

In order for you to maximize the amount of space in your closet, you need to remove everything that is not necessary. As a result, minimalism has also been on the rise today. Instead of adding decorations to the closet, it might be helpful to add tie racks or valet rods instead. That way, you can adapt your closet to the trends as the seasons change. Furthermore, this also contributes to a clean closet design. 

The Evolution of Modular Closets

Finally, one of the most popular trends today is the development of modular closet options. Some of the most popular elements of a modular closet include open shelves, drawers, and hanging rods. The idea is that these are options that can be easily added or removed at the needs of your closet change. During the course of the year, you might add or remove certain items of clothing as the seasons change. A modular closet allows you to do this with ease. This will allow your custom closet to serve you best every day of the year.

Count on the Team from Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte

At Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, we stay up to date on the latest trends so that we can provide the best possible services to you. If you would like to upgrade your closet, then give us a call today to learn more about how our expert designers can help you.