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Clean Up Closet Clutter With These Tips

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If there is any room in your home that is disorganized, it is likely your clothing closet. The closet is where many people tend to hide all of the hard-to-tackle clutter of their home, especially because it’s usually invisible to guests and other family members. If there is a lot of clutter in your closet, then there are a few tips that you can follow to clean up the clutter in an efficient manner.

Start with Clothing

The top reasons why people end up with a cluttered closet is that they tend to stuff too many clothes in a small area. Instead of keeping all of the clothes in the closet, rotate them by season. If you feel like the clothes are not going to be worn in the next few months, then move them somewhere else. Consider storing them under your bed or in a storage bin in your garage. The only clothes that should be in your closet are the ones that you are going to wear in the near future. If they are not going to be worn sometime soon, then move them somewhere else.

Get Creative with Shoe Storage

One of the reasons why your closet feels so cluttered is that you probably have shoes lining the floor. Shelves and drawers tend to be awkward places for shoes. The floor is the easiest place to quickly take them off, which is what causes the clutter to build up quickly. Coming up with an efficient shoe storage design will make a huge difference. Think about purchasing a shoe rack that will help you keep your shoes organized. Consider adding a customized shoe shelf that can hang from the racks in the closet. This is a good way to get the shoes off the ground, creating more floor space. 

Hang Your Accessories

The back of the closet is a common area for accessories to end up. Instead of leaving the accessories in a pile, consider hanging them along with the rest of your clothing. Belts, purses, and other accessories will be more visible and organized on hangers. Attach the hangers to the racks and put the accessories on them. This way, everything is easily accessible in one place, making it easy for you to keep organized and find what you’re looking for without the frustration of digging for it!

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