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Increasing Laundry Room Functionality for Charlotte Homes

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white modern laundry room

Searching for more utility from your laundry room? The designers of Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte can help! Though often forgotten in home planning, laundry rooms can be made to be a functional and useful room in your home. Check out these ideas for making the most of the space available in the laundry room.

white modern laundry room

Focus on Folding

Taking inspiration from what we do with clothes when they’re dry, there are a variety of folding accessories that are perfect for laundry room space.

  • Fold-out drying racks are great for drying clothes that aren’t dryer-safe. When not in use, they collapse to have a low profile against the wall.
  • A fold-down ironing board saves space in the laundry room and will allow you to smooth out any wrinkles when clothes are fresh from the dryer.
  • A fold-down workspace can function as a folding table- your fold-down folding table!

Sewing and Craft Space

Most of the holes and rips in clothing are discovered on laundry day. Rather than waiting and trying to remember which shirt needs stitching, take care of tears in your laundry room! Consider installing a workstation or countertop with custom storage cabinets or drawers for sewing supplies. You can store extra laundry detergent and fabric softener in the unused space, and use the top as a folding table when the sewing machine isn’t in use.

Store Seasonal Clothes

Unused space in the laundry room can be put to use as seasonal storage. Wall-mounted clothes storage, hanging racks, and adjustable shelving can hold swimwear, sundresses, and other summery clothing during the cooler months, and can be flipped to store coats and sweaters the rest of the year. You can also stash shoes that aren’t in season, and protect them with cabinets and shelves to keep them fresh for another year.

Start Your Update Today

Inspired by these tips or have an idea of your own? Get in touch with the designers at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte to schedule a free consultation today. We’ll help you determine what you’re looking for from your laundry room and decide on the perfect storage solution for you.

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