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Charlotte Garage Storage Tips for all Hobbies

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custom garage storage solutions

Need more space for you and your family’s hobbies? Believe it or not, your garage may be your solution! The garage is no longer a single-use space to park your car, and you should get the most use out of it possible. If your garage is crammed with your household’s miscellaneous belongings, look into maximizing your garage space with new storage solutions. Check out what the experts of Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte have to say when it comes to organizing your garage to get the best bang for your buck!

custom garage storage solutions

Open Up Floor Space

The first step in garage organization is clearing your floor space. It’s easy for holiday boxes and gardening tools to end up scattered around the floor, but raising them up off the ground instantly opens the space both physically and visually! Utilizing custom shelving, you can get boxes out of the way while leaving room to properly store those larger pieces of equipment. Use this new-found space for working out, playing, and home projects!

Create Specialized Storage For Everything You Own

Your storage needs will differ depending on the hobby. For sports, perhaps it is best to stow away smelly gear and dirty equipment in a closed cabinet. If you spend more time working in your garage already, open shelves can provide ease of access and show off all of your gear and memorabilia. The variety of custom garage storage options are endless, so don’t settle for an average shelf!

Dedicate a Space to Work

For those crafty individuals who enjoy working with their hands, think about including a workbench in your garage! No longer will cutting, gluing, and nailing take place on a rickety makeshift table. Add cabinets below with a slat tool wall above and you have yourself a new, functional workspace with everything you need in arm’s reach!

Creating custom garage storage can completely transform your Charlotte home. With added storage space and a more functional work area, you are sure to see added value to your home. If it is time for you to rethink how you use your garage space, contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte location for a free, in-home consultation.


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