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Multifunctional and Unique Wall Storage Concepts

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Murphy Bed Home Office Charlotte

You may have numerous possessions that you want to display in your home. Whether the items are photos, books, knickknacks, or plants, you want to have a place where the items can have their own space and still be part of the decor theme in the room. Wall shelves, wall units, and hanging cabinets provide opportunities to store your things in a safe manner while providing unique designs that can complement the architectural style of your home. Some storage concepts also offer multifunctional benefits as they can be used for a range of different purposes. Check out these unique and multifunctional wall storage ideas.

Murphy Bed Home Office Charlotte

Hanging Mantel with Hidden Storage

A hanging mantel is a decorative wall shelf where you can place small items, vases, books, and other things on the top. Yet they also hold a secret compartment. Below the top surface may be a pull-out drawer where you can stash extra keys, jewelry, and other small items that you want to keep safe and out of sight. Other hanging mantels have pull-down/up lids that reveal cubbies to store possessions. These mantels are typically made of wood and can be stained or painted to complement the color scheme of the room.

Laptop Wall Desk

Similar to hanging mantels, a laptop wall desk will have a top shelf that allows for storage of the items that you want to display in your home. Some also have pull-out drawers on the bottom to hold possessions. The middle of the wall desk has a table surface that can be pulled down so you can have a place to use your laptop. With the table surface out, built-in small cubbies and shelves can store additional items that you may use, such as laptop chargers, pens, notepads, and other things.

Bookshelf/Desk with Murphy Bed

Many wall storage concepts come with larger solutions that provide more functionality for spaces. In the case of guest bedrooms and teen rooms, a bookshelf can also have a desk area for when a person wants to use their laptop or study for classes. There are plenty of shelves to store books, electronics, and decorative items. When it is time to go to sleep, a pull-out bed offers a relaxing place for the night.

These Murphy Bed solutions are perfect for rooms with limited amounts of floor space while providing multifunctional solutions, A home storage company that is based locally, such as Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, can provide a range of Murphy Bed designs that will be suitable for the room.

There are many wall storage concepts that can fit in every room of your home and be used in various different ways. To check out more ideas, speak with our storage design professional.

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