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Pantry Redesign Ideas: What Else Can You Do with The Space

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custom charlotte pantry design

Pantries are the perfect places to store all those shelf-stable items all in one location. Instead of searching for a can of soup in cabinets, everything is on display as you can easily find the soup, crackers, and maybe sneak in a few candies in with your lunch. Yet pantries can hold other things besides your dry ingredients or canned and boxed goods. These versatile spaces can also hold other items that you may use in the kitchen or dining room. Here are several pantry redesign ideas to make the most out of this amazing space.

custom charlotte pantry design

Mini Wine Cellars

Many homes do not have a dedicated room to act as a wine cellar. If you are a wine aficionado or enjoy drinking a glass or two during a meal, you can turn your pantry into a mini wine cellar to house your bottles. When storing wine in the pantry, there are several precautions to take. Wine storage requires a dark and cool place with little temperature fluctuation.

You want to make sure that when you open the pantry, the light from windows will not constantly be hitting the bottles. Also, pick a location that is the farthest away from any heat that may come from the stove or oven. You can place in a wine rack or cubby system at either the top of the pantry or at the bottom. A home storage system organizer such as Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte can help redesign the pantry to include storage systems for your bottles.

Butler’s Pantry

Butler’s pantries used to be found in homes throughout history. They were a place to store table linens, fine china, and serving platters. The pantry was typically found in a hallway between the kitchen and dining room, or a small from off the dining room, as they acted as a meal staging area. As modern homes changed their interior styles to more open floor plans, butler pantries became eliminated when walls were knocked down as dining spaces became combined with living room areas.

Yet you can still create a butler’s pantry using the existing kitchen pantry. You can redesign the space or enlarge it to accommodate all the pots, pans, linens, cookbooks, plates, glasses, serving trays, and fine china. Place in a standing cabinet system or hanging cabinets with glass fronts. You can also place up pegboard and hooks to hang up pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

Mini Self-Serve Bar with Fridge

If you have a large family, it can be difficult to keep everyone properly hydrated. There may simply not be enough room in the regular fridge for extra juice boxes, soda cans, bottles of water, or other drinks. Also, you may not be able to purchase a larger refrigerator because the kitchen’s design may not accommodate a bigger model. In these circumstances, you can use the pantry and install a mini-fridge to hold extra drinks.

With the mini-fridge in the pantry, kids can easily get their drinks and snacks before heading off to play. You can also have a small counter over the fridge where you can mix drinks during parties or when entertaining guests. Before purchasing the mini-fridge, ensure you have the proper outlet hookups in place.

When you are looking to create a more functional pantry space, consider transforming it into a minibar, wine cellar, or butler’s pantry to hold additional items. This arrangement will increase the storage space in your home while providing a single room to hold all your necessary kitchen and dining items.

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