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Working from Home? How to Bring Mood and Productivity to the Home Office

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modern and bright home office

modern and bright home officeWith so many of us working from home – freelancing, consulting, leveraging our lockdown hours as businesses are in no hurry to resume to normal office life – staying productive and inspired can be challenging. The tech giants might have turned their workspaces into cathedrals of innovation, complete with ping-pong tables, bean bags, and on-site ice cream chefs, but when you’re working from the home office and have a ping-pong table in the Rec room, bean bags in the family room, and you are the on-site ice cream chef… well, then these whimsical workspace innovations are nothing but distractions, cues to procrastinate and waste time. Here are three tips to bring mood and productivity to the home office. 

Style and Practicality

A good home office should achieve a balance of style and practicality. In other words, segregate space and assign each space a functional role. Consider outfitting the office with an ergonomic chair (support and comfort are key, and your chair is your throne). Scandinavian furniture has a cozy, bright, and airy vibe; its clean lines and minimal ornamentation will have a decluttering effect on the workspace. Built-in storage solutions and custom cabinets reinforce the “less is more” mantra and will help your home office achieve the stylish practicality that lifestyle guru Marie Kondo admires. 

Mood Enhancement

Plants are one of the best ways to enhance the mood of a home office. Not only will an English Ivy, African Violet, or Aloe add style to your workplace, but houseplants will also remove toxins from the air and increase the humidity around your desk. The concept of “bringing the outdoors inside” with plants, more natural light (floor-to-ceiling windows, for example), or the use of natural materials has gained a footing in the design community as a surefire way to elevate mood and creativity. Americans spend roughly 93 percent of their time indoors. Plants are an antidote to too much onscreen connectivity and a link to the natural world. 

Paint it Blue

Sure, bright and vibrant colors might be the visual equivalent of a strong cup of coffee. But research indicates that if you want to increase productivity, then paint your home office blue. According to Psychology Today, the color blue affects us both cognitively and effectively, making us feel more comfortable.

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