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Moment of Maximalism: Accessories To Glamorize Your Closet

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After decades of pale walls and bare wood, a minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian utility and TV property shows that champion greige and bland, the maximalist design is having its moment in the sun. Sure, the trend can be seen as a backlash against austerity or a response to our troubled times, but in the end, it’s really about the expression of individual personality. The American interior designer Jonathan Adler sums it up best: “Minimalism is a bummer. You don’t want to look back and see an endless haze of beige.” When it comes to saying so long white and empty, hello glamour-upon-glamour, here are three ways to re-design and accessorize your closet space.

Function is Out, Fantasy is In

Whether you have a spacious walk-in closet or a cramped area no bigger than a broom closet, think of it as a world of aesthetic make-believe. Instead of white or neutral colors like beige and gray, use big, bold, saturated colors (fuchsia, turquoise, grassy green, or retro orange) to create a sense of pleasure, play, and optimism. Take your aesthetic cues from the 1970s Pattern and Decoration movement and incorporate craft, pastiche, and pattern, but be careful not to descend into kitsch; a maximalist closet space should be whimsical like Wes Anderson, not nightmarish like Willy Wonka.

You Won’t Belive it’s not Clutter

Maximalist closet accessories come in all shapes and sizes. Think of gold or shell-shaped wall lamps, slide-out mirrors, floral drapes, and a customized jewelry drawer and shoe rack. A wall-mounted ironing board is a nice touch, and so are cushions and prints, yard sale salvaged homewares, and DIY designs. Forget the mantra “less is more” and embrace the concept “less is a bore.”

Make it New

Interior design’s moment of maximalism isn’t about the home as a commodity; it’s about the home as an extension of the owner’s personality. In other words, there are no rules or specific guidelines. Bold wallpaper, chessboard tiles, organic shapes and forms (from cups to carpets), and a wonderland of idiosyncratic bric-a-brac… it’s all part of the design trend. In the end, the idea is to have fun, revel in excess, and make it new by turning a home into a place for creativity and individual expression.

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