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Popular Murphy Bed Sizes and Styles for 2021

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custom sofa murphy bed

Murphy beds are great space-savers. They provide additional storage space while enabling homeowners to use bedrooms as multifunctional spaces. Even so, they aren’t all created equal. Read on to discover which Murphy bed styles and features are trending this year, and why. Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte has a variety of custom Murphy beds that can add a space-saving element to any room.

custom sofa murphy bed

Queen Size Beds 

While Murphy beds can be bought in just about any size, queen size beds seem to be the most popular option. Queen size beds are large enough to accommodate two people and are also more space-efficient than a King-sized bed.

Storage Space is a Valued Amenity

One of the main reasons why many homeowners install a Murphy bed is to save space in the home. Given that fact, it’s not surprising that many buyers also put a premium on additional storage space. Extra shelves and drawers always come in handy to store items or display knick-knacks.

A Charging Station is a Must

Having an electrical outlet right by your bed is extremely handy. Many Murphy bed manufacturers understand this, and the top Murphy bed brands on the market all come with a charging station. However, the details vary, as some models may have a simple outlet for one or two devices while others also have a USB charging station.

Wood is Trending but Not Necessarily the Only Good Option

Wood is a classy material that has been in style for hundreds of years. Many of the best Murphy beds on the market are made of hardwood. It’s not cheap to purchase a hardwood bed, but the cost is well worth it. Wood lasts for decades and can easily be repainted if dented or scraped.
At the same time, not all the most popular Murphy bed options are made from hardwood. Some are made from steel, which is yet another top-tier material known for its durability and resilience. A steel bed is often more affordable than hardwood and can be a good option for a home with a contemporary style of decor. Alternatively, some popular manufacturers use laminated particleboard that, at first glance, looks just like genuine hardwood. Such beds are great for many homes but may not be suitable if you have kids or pets that may scratch the laminate.

Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte For a Custom Murphy Bed Solution!

If you want a bed that perfectly suits your needs and budget, your best option is to have one custom-made. Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte specializes in custom Murphy bed construction and can offer tips and expert advice to help you pick a bed that will enhance your home’s style of decor while providing the comfort and convenience you need. Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte has proudly been serving North and South Carolina for over 30 years.

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