While it’s a given that the closets in your home should be functional, it’s just as important that they’re stylish. You spend lots of time using your closets and when they look great, you’ll enjoy opening the door to grab what you need. This is especially true for walk-in closets.

If you’re thinking about redesigning one of your closets, the first step is finding a color scheme that you love. Read on to learn about some popular color schemes that might work for your closet.

Glamorous walk-in closet with white color scheme

White Cabinetry

White shelves and cabinets often work well with light-colored walls, but it’s great to add some variety with medium to dark shades of brown or gray in the flooring. With white walk-in closets, you can create the glamorous feel of a high-end boutique with sparkly light fixtures and ornately framed mirrors. Or opt for a sleeker, more modern look with minimal décor.

Black Cabinetry

Black cabinetry in your closet is another great option that can be dressed up for a luxurious look or dressed down for a modern, minimalist look. With black shelves and drawers, be careful not to overwhelm the space with dark shades. Generally, either your floor or your walls should be a lighter color and the closet should be well-lit.

Gray Shades

Gray shelving and drawers are usually found in modern-style closets. Creating contrast by mixing different gray shades within your closet is a popular option. For example, steel gray cabinetry pairs well with light gray walls and gray-brown wood floors. 

Brown Cabinetry with Warm Wall Colors

Brown cabinetry feels both classic and homey. Depending on the design, you can create an elegant look or a more rustic feel. Brown shelves and drawers also give you the opportunity to bring some color into your closet because they pair well with most warm tones. Consider everything from peach to muted shades of maroon for the walls.

Blue Shades and Neutrals

Incorporating blue shades into closets is a popular way to add color. Blue has a calming effect and doesn’t overwhelm the space. This is especially true if you choose subtler shades like sky blue, gray-blue, or navy, but you can experiment with brighter blues, too. The key is to pair blue with neutrals. Try blue walls with white or gray cabinets or even blue cabinets with white or gray walls.

Any Color with Wallpaper 

Using colorful patterned wallpaper or shelf paper in the closet is a new trend. Choose any color and pattern that speaks to you and balance it out with neutral cabinets and floors. Geometric designs are often great for a modern look whereas floral patterns work well for a boutique style.

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